Stump grinding

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Remove stumps ready for development

If you’re looking to plant or develop on land, a stump from a fallen tree can be a great obstacle to your plans. Tree stumps have roots buried deep into the ground and need to be completely removed to prevent regrowth under a new surface. Paul Day Tree Specialists can remove and grind down the stump ready for a new surface to be laid or a replacement tree.
All stump grinding work is covered by public liability insurance and wood waste recycled where possible. Paul Day Tree Specialists employ NPTC qualified surgeons for forestry and arboriculture.
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How the stump is ground

Stump grinders are one of the most effective methods of removing stumps, mechanically grinding out the plate of the roots and creating fine sawdust. This machinery can be hazardous and so should only be used by professionals. Stump grinding prevents suckering and fungal root rot.
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