Crown reduction

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Reducing the crown due to decay or unbalanced weight

Does your tree seem unbalanced, misshapen or suffering from substantial decay? Unbalanced weight distribution can affect the health and structural integrity of a tree and affects its appearance. Crown reduction reduces the size of the overall canopy, usually by a specific percentage. This will correct weight issues, enhance the aesthetic look of the tree and keep the tree healthy for regrowth.
All crown reduction work is covered by public liability insurance and wood waste recycled where possible. Paul Day Tree Specialists employ NPTC qualified surgeons for forestry and arboriculture.
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How the crown is reduced

Crown reduction is not always recommended as it can lead to effects such as sudden sun exposure which damages the tree. However when it is used, for retaining very old trees for example, it is performed by making cuts that leave foliage intact on the outer edge of the canopy. This can only be achieved through considerable skill and over a long period of time, to minimise sprouting and starch removal.
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