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Promote long tree life with less weight and windage

Used predominantly in woodland management, pollarding is a process that can allow a tree to live to a much greater age than non-pollarded/maiden trees – it's usually performed on younger trees. It gives the tree less weight and windage across the top. The process involves a substantial reduction in the size of the tree crown, leaving just the trunk and major limbs of the tree remaining.
All pollarding work is covered by public liability insurance and wood waste recycled where possible. Paul Day Tree Specialists employ NPTC qualified surgeons for forestry and arboriculture.
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How pollarding is carried out

Pollarding can be done multiple times, as a tree will regrow after the initial cutting and still require maintenance. It will involve removing all branches and most limbs until the ‘pollard’ remains. The process if not recommended for older trees where there are no branches below the cut, or on some species of tree.
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